#ThankYouSachin: A small tribute.

The year was 2003, it was the world cup and the match was between India and England. Sachin Tendulkar and Virender Sehwag; India was 50 something for no loss. Continue reading


My #webstory!

It has been 15 years since the inception of Mozilla Firefox. Now 20 versions and a name change later(it was called Phoenix originally) here we are; with well over 400 million users worldwide Firefox is arguably the most popular browser out there.

My use of Firefox started around 5 years back, when broadband internet here was only started being used by India(before that I was too young to to use the Internet)
So I was aged 13 when I got the installation file for Firefox 3 with a Technology Magazine’s DVD(that too it was the first time I bought any technology magazine)

So I installed Firefox and clicked on the browser. To my surprise it felt quite different than the Internet Explorer I used. The web pages open lot faster, I could use Tabs(IE 6 on Windows XP didn’t have Tabs at that time) and the web suddenly started feeling like a better place.

The biggest change has to be the fact that I wasn’t greeted with the error dialog that told me with great sadness that my browser just crashed. Surprisingly Firefox hardly crashed! Initially though I didn’t see it but gradually the difference was crystal clear.

Fast forward to 2013; 6 years, 17 version numbers and a school change later(I changed my school once after passing 10th standard) I am posting #Webstory from my favorite browser.

Blog migrated from Blogger!

Well as you might have been aware my blog was previously on Blogspot. I have decided to migrate the blog here to WordPress.

All my previous posts and images have been moved here. From now on I will be posting here only. The previous blog had been deleted. Although I am taking some time to get used to the interface here which is a lot lot different from Blogspot, hopefully I will get the hang of it soon.

Signing off for now.

Why don’t I blog anymore?

Sometime a couple of years back I had made a post about being back to actively blogging etc.
Well that has become a cruel joke now sadly. As you can see I hardly blogged all these days. In fact this is my first blog this year, which just goes to show my affinity towards blogging.
Well thing is that not only life has not only become very busy in the last couple of years but Web 2.0 has newer and better tools to keep us busy.
Take twitter for example. It has grown unimaginably in the last 7 years of it’s existence. Tweets are sent by just about everyone in the planet. It makes the world so very much smaller.
I myself have been quite active on twitter to say the least. With 6500+ tweets and 150+ followers, which is rather modest by twitter standards I think about anything but stop tweeting.
Here I am writing a blog about why I don’t blog anymore. Well for some things 140 characters just don’t make the cut 😉
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