My Photography Page!

As you might or might not know, I have deep interest in photography. I have made a page on Flickr to show my love of photography and also keep a collection of all my photos. Read on for more info
Although I have had the page for quite a while now, I’ve never written a blog about it. If you want all photos in organized form, please view the photos in term of “Sets”(mentioned in the photography page). Moreover I haven’t used Photoshop or any other tool in any of the pictures(except a couple I took from my phone on which I applied filters).

The link to the page is:
PS: Photos might not look perfect here. Please view them on Flickr for the best experience(click the photo to view it).
Some of my favorite photos that I’ve taken all these years are below-


A crow enjoying the Heat

Sunset- from National Highway


Hope you like my pictures. Feedback is appreciated 🙂


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