NFS: Most Wanted 2012 screenshots & review

The game has absolutely no story in particular(in stark contrast to the EPIC storyline of the last game). A voice just tells us that we need to fight our way through the Blacklist and become the “Most Wanted” racer in Fairhaven. The collection of cars is pretty impressive. From uber-luxurious Benley’s to the classic muscle Shelby Cobra’s this game just about has it all. The city of Fairhaven has been designed with quite a lot of detail. From twisty turns down the hills to express- ays that let a player open up, to industrial sites; this city just about has it all. The graphics have been pretty well done, driving over mud and puddles actually makes the car pretty dirty.

Coming to cop chases, there are a total of 6 level of heat; this is in sync with the level of force that is used against you to stop & apprehend you. The chases on the highest heat level are pretty hard to evade, there will always be a car that will catch you in cooldown mode. With increase in heat level, the difficulty to evade Spike strips and roadblocks gets pretty difficult. You will hit the spikes atleast once when cops are chasing you in the highest heat levels. This actually makes the game pretty interesting and keeps you on your toes during chases, as a result the games forces you to take unconventional routes to evade cops. I found myself on railway tracks and in other offroad places in a bid to evade cops. Even when the chase goes offroad, the cops start deploying SUVs to chase you better. Cooling down from higher heats take a long time and happens in stages i.e when a chase in heat level 4 reaches max cooldown the heat level reduces to 3 and so on(unlike the previous game where once the cooldown becomes full the chase has been evaded).

The handling of cars could have been better. Initially it took a lot getting used to as the steering of the cars felt dead and unresponsive. But as time passed you get accustomed to the handling. To me this is the biggest letdown of the game and reduces quite a lot of fun from the game.

Each car has its own set of races of varying difficulty(from easy to hard). Some of these races are the same for more than one car. Finishing in the top 2 spots unlocks upgradable parts for the car which helps in the performance(in addition an in-game currency called Speed Points(SP) are awarded). Also each car has to separately unlock all it’s parts. Suppose I win a race with a 911 Turbo and unlock Nitro boost, I have to again complete the specific race with my other car(say SLS AMG) so that I get Nitro boost even on my SLS AMG. Once one wins an event he or she can always come back to the same event and attempt to beat your own best times for additional SP(usually 500 SP). The game also has Speed Cameras which log the speed of the car through that camera. All this is easy to track via Autolog(and even creates competition among friends). The game also has a system called Easy Drive which makes it easy to choose races and get to races via races. It also enables you to make changes to your car on the go. Just choose “customize car” from the list and we can use various upgrades that we unlocked.

Here are a few screenshots from the game:

 photo NFS132013-06-0813-03-19-77_zps852fbf97.jpg

 photo NFS132013-06-0813-03-42-29_zpsae996441.jpg

 photo NFS132013-06-0813-06-52-54_zps04dce145.jpg

 photo NFS132013-06-0813-13-41-71_zps01c0fac9.jpg

 photo NFS132013-06-0813-16-27-16_zps51a89889.jpg

 photo NFS132013-06-0813-25-58-37_zps8ba4e892.jpg


5 thoughts on “NFS: Most Wanted 2012 screenshots & review

  1. Personally, I think the game rocks. As you say, the handling IS a tad on the unresponsive side, making it necessary to locate and dodge oncoming cars from a long way off, which usually puts us in the way of other oncoming cars (Bye bye fast reflexes, absolutely no use here.) :/ But thats about the only thing I find disappointing. The graphics look real enough, and with a decent gpu, the game works flawlessly. The soundtracks and sfx are great. Oh yeah, the review is pretty decent too. Just short. Shoulda made it longer.

    • Yeah I agree. Would like to add that for some reason during hard turns, the oncoming cars add like magnets and there is no way to evade them. This I found something really problematic.

      About the review being longer, I just wrote this in my spare time. Thought of making the title “Mini review” rather than review only but then I thought I already wrote quite a bit hence the “mini” tag would look silly šŸ˜›

      • never noticed that myself. But natuarally i’m gonna be on the look out for it now. Also, which car did you like the best, and which one do you consider the best? I liked the mitsubishi evo. And think the aventador is the best. Didnt get an opportunity to drive the agera r due to an unfortunate combination of a virus and a system format. But from what i drove of it, i still think the aventador is the best car in the game. What about you.?

      • Mitsubishi Evo is pretty good, haven’t gotten it upgraded yet and hence I can’t comment. Handling is pretty good. For now my primary car is the Aston Martin V12 Vantage. I like how it handles and its handling is pretty good as well.

        No I haven’t yet driven the Aventador yet, have driven the Gallardo and it’s good. Need to search more deeply for the Aventador jackspot šŸ˜›

      • I’ve decided. Will write an EPIC full fledged review once I’m done with the game. It will be done most probably in the last few days of the month.

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