My #webstory!

It has been 15 years since the inception of Mozilla Firefox. Now 20 versions and a name change later(it was called Phoenix originally) here we are; with well over 400 million users worldwide Firefox is arguably the most popular browser out there.

My use of Firefox started around 5 years back, when broadband internet here was only started being used by India(before that I was too young to to use the Internet)
So I was aged 13 when I got the installation file for Firefox 3 with a Technology Magazine’s DVD(that too it was the first time I bought any technology magazine)

So I installed Firefox and clicked on the browser. To my surprise it felt quite different than the Internet Explorer I used. The web pages open lot faster, I could use Tabs(IE 6 on Windows XP didn’t have Tabs at that time) and the web suddenly started feeling like a better place.

The biggest change has to be the fact that I wasn’t greeted with the error dialog that told me with great sadness that my browser just crashed. Surprisingly Firefox hardly crashed! Initially though I didn’t see it but gradually the difference was crystal clear.

Fast forward to 2013; 6 years, 17 version numbers and a school change later(I changed my school once after passing 10th standard) I am posting #Webstory from my favorite browser.


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